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Senior Software Engineer – TPF/ALCS – Assembler

Company Name: The Emirates Group
Employment Type:Full Time
Location: Dubai
Experience: 4+ years
Degree: Bachelor
Nationality: Any
No. Of Vacancies:1
Job Description:
Job Purpose
The Senior Software Engineer is a fully participating member of an agile feature team working independently on software development and problem resolution. The role involves technical design, software development, implementation and maintenance software solutions/products that support the Emirates Group Business.

Job Outline
Work with senior technical engineers in the technical design process by contributing in the analysis of technical application requirements.
Convert technical solutions for small to medium sized initiatives into low level design and working code.
Independently write secure and optimized code through implementation of Emirates Group approved coding standards.
Be part of the rotational on-call support and actively participate in resolving production issues within SLA?s with minimal or no active supervision.
Accountable for built in quality and ensuring 100% unit testing as part of the CI/CD pipeline.
Analyse and fix all identified defects with minimal rework
Ensure re-factoring practices are adequately adopted to ensure minimum code debt
Ensure logging and monitoring hooks are implemented as part of the code development.
Continuously stay up to date in the relevant technologies and implement the learnings to enhance the code quality.

Qualifications & Experience

Degree or Honours (12+3 or equivalent) : Degree in a relevant field such as Computer Science, Computational Mathematics, Computer Engineering or Software Engineering.

Experience Required
4 + relevant years of experience in building and maintaining complex software solutions using Assembler(IBM HLASM) in an ALCS environment
HLASM High level Assembly for development & supporting incidents
Job Control Language and utilities for effective file handling including data transfer & offline data handling development in mainframe
Restructured eXtended eXecutor (REXX) for automation & optimized ways of working
ISO C for mainframe for enhancing the TPF/DF product.
Java for mainframe for creating / enhancing interfaces in WAS-OLA, WAS-OLA platform support
Usage of SPM for structured programme development and TPF/DF calls for database handling.
Creation and Consumption of WAS-OLA services for DCS/FQT/RES domain

Development and support of Airline Control System (ALCS) handling of the ALCS patch upgrades user exit and z/OS interfaces programming, z/OS 2.2, IBM Tivoli System Automation, MQ Queue creation, data transfer & monitoring, ZEN- IMPLEX & EXIGENCE network and TCPIP / OSA definition of access points, monitoring, investigating & fixing support incidents, GDPS data centre resiliency, WAS server configurations and maintenance
Development and support of DCS (Departure Control Systems domain – including Check-in, Boarding, Flight handling capabilities)
Development and support of FQT (Fare Quote Ticketing and Pricing domain – that covers Fare quote, Itinerary pricing Ticketing ,Interline EMD, e-Ticketing, GDS Ticketing)
Development and support of RES (Reservations domain including One Order and New Distribution Capabilities)