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Company Name: The First Collection – Business Bay
Employment Type:Full Time
Location: Dubai
Experience: 2 years
Degree: Bachelor
Nationality: Any
No. Of Vacancies:1
Job Description:
As a hostess, you play a vital role in creating a positive dining experience for guests. Your friendly demeanor, organization skills, and ability to handle various tasks simultaneously contribute to the overall satisfaction of hotel patrons.
Welcome guests as they arrive at the restaurant, displaying a friendly and professional demeanor. Escort guests to their tables, taking into account their preferences and any special requests. Manage the seating rotation to optimize table utilization and minimize wait times.
Receive and manage restaurant reservations, both over the phone and through online booking platforms. Maintain an organized reservation system, confirming bookings and noting any specific guest requirements. Coordinate with the hotel front desk to ensure accurate information exchange.
Provide attentive and personalized service to guests throughout their dining experience. Assist with menu selections, answer questions about dishes, and make recommendations based on guest preferences. Attend to any special requests, dietary restrictions, or allergies, communicating them effectively to the kitchen and serving staff.
Work closely with the restaurant’s serving team, kitchen staff, and management to ensure efficient service. Communicate guest preferences, special requests, and timing requirements to the appropriate staff members. Coordinate with the waitstaff to ensure proper order delivery and guest satisfaction.
Familiarize yourself with the restaurant’s menu, specials, and promotions. Suggestively upsell additional food items, beverages, or desserts to enhance the guest experience and increase sales. Knowledgeably describe menu offerings and highlight unique features or recommended pairings.
During busy periods, manage guest waiting lists effectively. Estimate wait times accurately and provide updates to waiting guests. Ensure that guests waiting for a table are comfortable and informed about the status of their reservation. Coordinate with the restaurant staff to expedite table turnover and reduce waiting times.
Address guest inquiries, concerns, or complaints promptly and professionally. Listen attentively, empathize with guests’ issues, and take appropriate actions to resolve them. Escalate any unresolved matters to the restaurant manager or relevant departments, ensuring guest satisfaction is prioritized.
Keep the reception area clean, organized, and well-stocked with necessary supplies. Coordinate with the restaurant’s busser or support staff to maintain clean and presentable dining areas. Monitor and maintain restrooms’ cleanliness and supplies, ensuring they meet the hotel’s standards.
Process guest payments accurately and efficiently. Handle cash transactions, operate the system, and generate bills for guests. Collaborate with the restaurant cashier or accounting department to reconcile cash and credit card transactions.
Stay informed about the hotel’s amenities, services, and events to effectively cross-promote them to restaurant guests. Provide information about hotel facilities, room service, special packages, or promotions that may interest restaurant patrons. Collaborate with the hotel concierge or front desk to offer seamless assistance to guests.

Desired Skill & Expertise
Required 2 years experience in the same position at a 4/5* property.
Excellent Communication Skills
Customer Service Oriented
Organizational Skills
Problem-Solving Abilities
Ability to Work Under Pressure