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Customer Relations Manager

Company Name: Al Futtaim Private Company LLC
Employment Type:Full Time
Location: Dubai
Experience: 3-5 years
Degree: High School
Nationality: Any
No. Of Vacancies:1
Job Description:
To drive sales growth and sustained long-term profitability, by establishing and retaining a life-long relationship with existing and new customers. This is achieved by working in partnership with our customers and other functions to:

Secure an easy buying process from home to home, and understand and match customers’ needs and expectations now and in the future.
Our aim is to motivate our customers to shop with us more frequently because they trust us to make their shopping experiences successful and their visits worthwhile; as every customer counts.
To be the customers’ voice in the store. To influence the team and colleagues by showing them how to work together to make a better shopping experience for all our customers. The driving passion is to create an enjoyable and successful shopping experience in the store and encourage our customers to return more frequently, and buy more over time.

Actively work towards fulfilling the four tasks of the store:
Act as a highly efficient, and staffed, sales mechanism.
Show home furnishing solutions full of inspiring home furnishing ideas.
Serve as a well-qualified home furnishing specialist.
To provide a day out for the whole family.
T0 lead and manage the team and work with colleagues in other functions to optimise the relationship with our customers in order to drive sales growth and sustained, long-term profitability. This is done by:
Co-operating and influencing the commercial team, the CR team and other support functions to ensure that they understand the customer’s perspective when implementing new solution and evaluating exiting ones.
Knowing the local market and working with the commercial team to support commercial activities, which will convert more visitors to customers, and generate repeat store visits, balancing our business needs with our customers’ needs?
Having in place service agreements with external providers, ensuring these are clearly communicated and priced in store, which support sales. Ensure they deliver a standard of service that contributes to making the IKEA store first choice for home furnishings.
 Working with the check-out manager and store team to ensure the check-outs are appropriately staffed at all times of the day in order to make it easy and convenient for us to close sales.
Working with the exchange and return team to ensure the area is appropriately staffed at all times and that our after sales care encourages customers to want to come back to shop with us again.
Analysing customer feedback to identify root causes, taking action to improve short and long-term customer satisfaction.
Encouraging the team to take fast action on ideas to improve our customers’ shopping experience, acting on customer feedback, competition and performance analysis.
Educating the team in the IKEA Concept, and ensuring that they read and use the appropriate manuals from Inter IKEA Systems B.V. and other global solutions to help them maximise our customers’ shopping experience.
Ensuring the managers agree clear expectations and standards with their teams regarding routines and that they regularly follow up on these.
Ensuring quality standards are met in store by focusing on the detail in order that the store is clean and tidy at all times of the trading day.
Take the service office input and co-ordinate it with the store potential in order to agree customer relation goals, which supports the achievement of the agreed store goals.
By constantly monitoring our performance against agreed goals, adapting and taking action when required.
Ensure all customer relations initiatives grow our business and support the sustaining of long-term profitability, always considering the impact on customer satisfaction.
By delivering on agreed goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by:
By analysing KPIs and working with the team to create meaningful actions to achieve agreed goals.
By controlling costs through working in a lean, simple, cost-conscious way using good examples and solutions, and encouraging the team and colleagues to discover more effective ways of working
lead and manage the team and work with colleagues to understand our local competitor service offers, our customers’ shopping behaviours and their living situations, and use these insights to improve our customers’ shopping experience.
The priority is to work with the team to secure an easy buying process that will make it easy and convenient for our customers to shop at all times throughout the day and encourage repeat visits to the store.
Ensure all the IKEA shopping tools are in place, in the right quantity and functioning effectively.
Work with the team and other functions to promote and encourage a customer-focused culture throughout the store to ensure we are first choice for home furnishings and destination for the whole family.
Always look at our store through the eyes of our customers and walk the shop floor during different times throughout the trading day. To use this opportunity to talk to co-workers, giving input and encouraging their feedback.
To regularly meet with our customers to learn from their experiences, ideas and views in order to improve the home to home shopping experience.
Analyse feedback from our customers and work with my team and other functions to make improvements to our customers’ shopping experience by securing an easy buying process throughout the store

Minimum Qualifications and Knowledge:

High School/Trade School Graduate.
Minimum Experience:
3 to 5 years in a similar role.                                           
Job-Specific Skills:
Strategic Planning and Analytical Skills, Effective Communication, Excel competence.  
Behavioural Competencies :
Interpersonal Skills, Business Acumen, Problem Solving, Confident, Leadership Skills and Strategic Thinking.