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Cluster Hygiene Officer

Company Name: The First Group
Employment Type:Full Time
Location: Dubai
Experience: 1+ years
Degree: Bachelor
Nationality: Any
No. Of Vacancies:1
Job Description:
Microbiological analysis of food.
Bacteriological analysis of all potable, cleaning and drinking water.
Hand swab test (personal hygiene) of all food handlers.
Equipment swab test (equipment hygiene).
Bacteriological analysis of swimming pool, water (health club).
Chlorine, PH value of swimming pool, water (health club).
Checking, monitoring & ensuring levels of chlorine content of drinking water.
Temperature check (cold storage, deep freezer).
Food temperature check (to keep food out of temperature danger zone).
Constantly evaluate systems to facilitate improvement where possible.
Ensure HACCP procedures are followed, and clear records are kept at all times.
Exceed guest expectations in quality and service of food products.
Keep a tab on Raw material adulteration by suppliers.
Adhere to guidelines of Dubai Municipality and local authorities
Food & Beverage Production Planning
Random food testing on regular basis, food samples (raw, hot, and cold) from different areas are collected and processed.
Fat analysis of milk & cream
Gluten analysis of Flour
Determination of moisture content of flour
Determination of moisture content of butter/ margarine
Analysis of percentage of chlorine
Environment air monitoring (checking for microbial air pollution) areas to be tested kitchens, cold storages, rooms, restaurant.
People Management
Monitor grooming and personal hygiene of staff to ensure standards are maintained to the highest level.
Liaise with the Catering and Stewarding Departments to ensure HACCP objectives are achieved and standards are maintained at all times.
Conduct Hygiene/HACCP training classes for chefs, cooks & stewards
Financial Management
Oversee the receiving of raw materials and perishables, as per Standards.
Ensure Cost of Hygiene and Sanitation control are within prescribed Budgets.
Operational Management
Check all equipment periodically for maintenance and Cleanliness.
Liaise with Floor Managers to facilitate HACCP adherence and ensure standards are maintained.
Monitor the presentation of food to ensure it complies with company standards and guidelines.
Check temperature records and update the manual as required to ensure the Kitchen has comprehensive information at all times.
Promote an environment of team work to facilitate the achievement of objectives of the department and the organization.
Monitor hygiene quality of food products to ensure compliance with the standards.
Evaluate systems and procedures to facilitate continuous improvement in the delivery of products and services.
Monitor the operation of the Kitchen to ensure HACCP procedures are followed and clear records are kept at all times.
Coordinates with the training manager, ensure new joiners are inducted with proper departmental orientation, explain HACCP principles and hotels hygiene policy.
Maintains relevant documentation for training needs and completion of sessions.

Desired Skill & Expertise
One year minimum experience in similar role is essential.
Possess the ability to communicate effectively with the team and deliver consistently.
Responsible self-starter, capable of handling multi-faceted projects and of working under pressure.
High degree of integrity. Strong leadership. Nurtures and develops team members, encouraging innovation.
Team player, who values teamwork, has good team building skills and is able to communicate effectively with all levels of team members.
Equips and motivates team members to achieve predetermined goals, installing and maintaining appropriate empowerment Programs.