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Application Support

Company Name: University Hospital Sharjah
Employment Type:Full Time
Location: Sharjah
Experience: 2-5 years
Degree: Bachelor
Nationality: Any
No. Of Vacancies:1
Job Description:
Summary of Main Duties
•    Meet with department head to gather the requirement
•    Participate is in the workflow designing and pre implementation task
•    Lead the deployment process of hospital information system/s.
•    Monitor and test any configuration, customization or update of hospital information systems.
•    Lead a team of health informatics specialist and support engineers.
•    Deal with vendors on hospital requirments and negotiate with them.
•    Perform acceptance testing of systems and applications.
•    Assist vendors’ deployment teams during implementation projects.
•    Plan, organize and implement customer-oriented training workshops.
•    Install, upgrade, monitor, and maintain application software.
•    Lead the process and Communicate with end-users and process owners to understand the work processes and requirements for customization purposes.
•    Ensure that applications are implemented in a manner that suites the business requirements of the end-users.
•    Lead the process of Testing applications and applications’ updates and releases before general release to end users.
•    Evaluate the comprehensiveness of testing scenarios to demonstrate system effectiveness.
•    Execute testing scenarios and methodologies to demonstrate system effectiveness.
•    Serves as a senior expert resource for end-users in regard to questions or issues relating to the systems’ functionalities
•    Maintain current and complete documentation for applications and databases
•    Work with and guides key users in identifying potential changes and improvements that are within application implementation project scope of work.
•    Provide application implementation support and technical guidance to key users.
•    Provide support and troubleshooting for issues related to application performance.
•    Participate in providing data transfer, access and manipulation of aggregate and comparative data.
•    Develop and modify reports and queries as requested by key users.
•    Provide timely status reports to management.
•    Leading in developing plans, timelines and identifying resources needed
•    Assist with optimizing system applications.
•    Communicate with Department heads and end users to evaluate system utilization and performance.
•    Ensure customer satisfaction through effective written and oral communications.
•    Add, remove, and update user account information
•    Administer, troubleshoot, update, and enhance hospital information systems/applications.
•    Develop and apply quality improvement program.
•    Develop and provide on-demand online training material to enhance users’ utilization of IT systems.
•    Develop, apply, monitor and review auditing policies and requirements.
•    Develop, implement and update policies related to education and training in IT systems.
•    Enhance and tune system performance
•    Ensure that systems are providing the information required for patient care and financial management.
•    Ensure the confidentiality and security of hospital information through proper utilization of authentication and authorization procedures.
•    Ensure the standardization of business processes all over the hospital.
•    Identify quality indicators in his respective area and develop a plan for data collection, analysis and reporting.
•    Leading the process of Installing and configuring new hardware and software.
•    Introduce and integrate new technologies into the existing IT environment.
•    Keep IT users updated in the latest developments and enhancement in the used applications.
•    Manage and maintain clinical, administrative, financial information systems, ensuring maximum availability through proactive approaches.
•    Participate in hospital orientation efforts.
•    Lead the process of the integration of different hospital information systems.
•    Proactively ensure that clinical, administrative, and financial applications are highly available.
•    Provide and manage an easy access to information resources needed by decision makers within a secured environment.
•    Research, identify, and evaluate hardware solutions to resolve hospital needs.
•    Research, identify and evaluate new applications to determine its applicability and benefits in supporting hospital goals.
•    Stay up to date with technological trends related to hospital IT environment.
•    Provide services in a customer-friendly approach.
•    Participate actively in the quality improvement program of the department/unit.
•    Suggest, write and update policies related to users support.
•    Perform other related duties as assigned.
Position Requirements/Qualifications
•    Bachelor degree in computer engineering or related fields.
•    A minimum of 8 years of proven experience in large organizations as Application Sepcialist/System Analyst, preferably in hospital or health care sector.
•    Strong understanding of Hospital Information System workflows.
•    Strong understanding of Relational database management and script writing.
•    Excellent analysis and team management skill.
•    Excellent English written and communication skills.
•    Exposure to / experience of customer and vendor service principles.
•    Must have experience in managing and running the daily operations of the hospital in term of Healthcare applications.
Position criteria Other Skills/Abilities
•    Highly preferable to have experience in TrakCare HIS and /or RAMCO ERP.
•    Strong experience in one or more of the following applications: supply chain, finance, human resources and payroll, electronic patient record, patient administration system, outpatient /inpatient management, radiology information system, laboratory information system, pharmacy management, and/or patient billing. 
•    Understanding of applicable standards, reporting requirements and legislative regulations.
•    Ability to assess end users’ needs and identify opportunities for improvement.
•    Experience with MS SQL and/or Cache database is a plus.
•    Knowledge in PACS (picture archiving and communication system) is a plus.