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RA UAEN Interior Designer

Company Name: Interior Designer
Employment Type:Full Time
Location: Al Ain
Experience: 1+ years
Degree: Bachelor
Nationality: UAE
No. Of Vacancies:1
Job Description:
Overview of the role
To plan, implement Com-In related projects mainly in the showroom, but also at the entrance, IKEA restaurant and staff area. Through the projects done by the JH, the Scandinavian identity of the company is conveyed, as well as the IKEA product range and the IKEA business idea is communicated to customers to achieve the commercial goals of the business.
What you will do
Be responsible for designing room sets for the store. The various parameters that JH has to take into account in designing the room sets include the brief relating to the “style group” OR “Living Situation” as well as the sales priorities regarding articles that need to be focused on.
Develop the set right from the floor plan drawn to scale, deciding on interiors and upon receiving approval from the Com-In Manager and the Sales Manager, building the set with Assistance of carpenters.
Be knowledgeable about current market trends, fashion and social trends relating to home furnishing and interior designs.
Ensure that the room sets are maintained in an “as new” condition all the time. To meet this objective the JH is required to make daily checks of the sets and carry out regular maintenance work, such as replacing worn out or dirty carpets, changing fused light bulbs, replacing items that are out of stock in the store or replacing items that have picked up from the display by customers. The room sets should always reflect the slanders set by IKEA for display
Design and implements the changes in the restaurant interiors as and when required by the Store Manager and the Restaurant Manager.
Design and makes changes in the office interiors as and when requested to do so. The primary idea is to make the work area a pleasant environment for the staff and representative of the IKEA way.
Co-ordinate with the planned marketing activity of the commercial calendar. While not all activity will affect a change in the room sets, major activities like Christmas will influence the decor of the room and modifications will have to be made accordingly. Changes are done to highlight the new or the activity related articles that the sales want to push, or even in case of giving boost to products that are not performing well and need to be displayed in a manner to catch the customer’s imagination.
Get involved in other projects relating to activities that are carried out in the store from time to time. This may include rebuilding business area, based on feedback from range relating to changed priorities, or poor performance of the area.
Assist Visual Merchandisers as and when required, in projects or activities that are planned for the store.
People Management & Development
Ensure that all Interior designers have receive the necessary training in safety and security aspects related to the use of this equipment, so they are able to follow the rules and regulations and prevent accidents.
Make sure all IDs have been properly trained including development programs to secure the store performance and succession needs.
Be involved in the recruitment of the interior designers; ensure the vacancies are filled as soon as they arise, and the right candidates are hired in the vacant positions.
Ensure positive results in the employee survey and taking action in the areas where the satisfaction is low.
Required Skills to be successful
Exceptional creativity and innovative design skills
Range presentation: store media and display techniques skills
Excellent communication and presentation skills
Organizational and time-management skills for meeting deadlines in a fast-paced environment
Desire to continue building skill set with education and training

What equips you for the role
A Bachelor’s Degree minimum required
One year or more years of experience in professional graphic design, preferably with a creative or marketing agency
Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in graphic design, art, or related discipline
Working knowledge of CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript
Knowledge of WordPress and content management systems