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Merchandise Planner

Company Name: Babyshop Concept
Employment Type:Full Time
Location: Dubai
Experience: 2-5 years
Degree: Bachelor
Nationality: Any
No. Of Vacancies:1
Job Description:
To maximize Sales and Profitability in the Business by providing effective Merchandise Strategies, Planning and In Season management of Assortments and Inventory by Department /Concept/Territory/Class/Sub-Class and Item levels to achieve or exceed strategic targets set by the Business.

DO — Key Responsibilities
1. Planning (Seasonally)
Prepare a Post Seasonal Analysis of past performance at Concept/Terittory and Department levels down to Class/Sub-Class and Item levels.
Discuss and prepare a SWOT analysis of the above and document action plans in preperation for the Strategic Planning Process
Propose Seasonal Strategies on   Sales , Pricepoint , Supplier, Brands,Size,Colour and Assortment Dimensions (Whereapplicable)at Concept/Territory levels down to Class/Sub-Class levels together with the Buyers taking into account past performance and future trends ..
Presentation of the Departmental  Strategies to the Management for approval
Prepare and Propose Seasonal Budgets at Concept/Territory levels down to Class/Sub-Class levels based on the approved Strategy to match the Financial targets set for Sales , Opening /Closing Stocks , Inflows , Forward covers and  Sales Margins.
Prepare and Propose Merchandise Financial Plans For Sales , Opening and Closing stocks with Forward covers and Planned Inflows for by month and Season with agreed Inflow and Sales Margin Percentages at Dept/Class/Subclass levels( where Applicable).
Prepare Store Grading at Class/SubClass levels  to determine the Width and Depth of Ranges for Large , Medium and Small stores with Order quantiies ( where aplicable) .
Prepare a Theoretical Range Plan and present to the Planning Manager for approval.
Share the above with the Buyers and together finalise into a Buy Plan (Range Plan) by month at Class/Subclass levels to match the Strategy Plans for (Quantities,Options,Prices and Suppliers) and Finacial paremeters (OTB/Inflows) set by Month.
Prepare reports to measure actuals against plan for In Season management of all of the above.(where applicable)
2. In Season Management   (Daily / Weekly)
Monitor Orders being placed against Open to Buy targets by month on the Buy Plan ensuring that the Orders are placed timeously and according to assortment plans .  (Daily/Weekly)
Ensure that Order Status and Deliveries are followed up and that propoed actions are communicated  to the buyers for action to be taken , where deliveries deviate to plan to ensure availability.(Daily /Weekly)
Monitor Reports on  Performance of Dept /Concept /Territory perfromance  down to Class/Subclass( where Applicable) to identify any exceptions to Sales , Stockholdings, Forward Covers and Inflows and propose actions on out of line situations to the Buyers in a weekly Department meeting with action to be taken by the Planner (where Applicabe) (weekly)
Monitor Good and Bad selling Items to agreed parameters and propose actions to be taken on  Reorders or Price Adjustments for Slow sellers.(Weekly) .
Ensure the availability of all replenishment items and  that  a scheduled review of Replenishment Orders take place to ensure availability andthat there are no stock outs. (Weekly)
Check that  all stock received in Territories is allocated to Stores and is selling, discuss out of line situations with the Buyers and inform Territories of out of line situations for action to be taken .(Weekly)
Check for Items that need consolidation to agreed parameters and inform Territories for action .(Weekly)   

3. In Season Management  (Bi –Monthly and Monthly)
Monitor Seasonal Budget  performance against  Plan and reforecast  taking into account past performance and trends for Sales, Opening and Closing Stocks and monthly Inflows/Open to Buy ( monthly) (Where Applicable).
Monitor Sales Margins to ensure that  Margins are being achieved  across Territories By department ( Bi-Monthly),
To propose any adjustments or actions for the exceptions above ,propose actionsto be taken  together and with agreement of the Buyers to Management for approval on a (Monthly ).
Identiify consolidations of stock based on agreed parameters and propose with the Buyer to Management for approval and communicating to the Territories on actions to be taken . (Monthly)
Identify and propose Price Adjustments  to be actioned on slow sellers with the Buyer to Management for approval and communicate  to the territories for action to be taken.(Monthly)
To Analyse Territory Ageing Stocks  and identifying out of line situations to agreed Concept Targets and proposing actions to management for approval  and communicating to Concept Retail Managerand Territories on actions to be taken.(Monthly)
Analyse Promotions and Events and communicate the performance results and out of line situations to the Buyer and Management Team with lessons learnt.  (Monthly).
Prepare and attend a Monthly Management Meeting to give feedback on Department performance and actions to be taken on out of line situations together with the buyer to management.(Weekly/Monthly)