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Learning Support Assistant

Company Name: Sunmarke School
Employment Type:Full Time
Location: Dubai
Experience: 2-5 years
Degree: Bachelor
Nationality: Any
No. Of Vacancies:1
Job Description:
The primary role of the Learning Support Assistant is to work with teachers to raise the attainment and maximise the progress of pupils, whilst also promoting their independence, self esteem and social inclusion. They give assistance to pupils so that they can access the curriculum, participate in learning, and experience a sense of achievement. 
Learning Support Assistants are an integral part of our school workforce, representing a substantial investment of school funding. Learning Support Assistants should act with honesty and integrity to uphold comparable standards to other education professionals, in order to make the education of pupils their first concern.
 The standards and requirements for Learning Support Assistants are set out in four themes:
·        Personal and professional conduct
·        Knowledge and understanding
·        Teaching and learning
·        Working with others
Personal and professional conduct
– In the same way as teachers, Learning Support Assistants operate in a position of trust and are seen by pupils as role models. They should be able to maintain proper boundaries with pupils and their behaviours should reflect this responsible position.
Experience of previous work in a school is desirable 
Learning Support Assistants should demonsrate personal and professional conduct in the education profession by:
·        Completing a satisfactory induction of school procedures
·        Having proper and professional regard for the ethos, policies and practices of the school in which they work as professional members of staff; this includes the Staff Code of Conduct and Staff Dress Code. 
·        Demonstrating positive attitudes, values and behaviours to develop and sustain effective relationships with the school community.
·        Having regard for the need to safeguard pupils’ well-being by following relevant statutory guidance along with school policies and practice.
·        Upholding values consistent with those required from teachers by respecting individual differences and cultural diversity.
·        Committing to improve their own practice through self-evaluation and awareness.

 Knowledge and understanding
– Learning Support Assistants should have sufficient knowledge and skills to help teachers support pupils in achieving their maximum potential. Subject knowledge; specialist skills and knowledge to support pupils with special educational needs or disabilities; knowledge of the curriculum; pedagogical knowledge; behaviour management strategies.

Candidates must hold a minimum of a Bachelors degree.
Learning Support Assistants are expected to:
·        Share responsibility for ensuring that their own knowledge and understanding is relevant and up to date by reflecting on their own practice, liaising with school leaders, and identifying relevant professional development to improve personal effectiveness.
·        Take opportunities to acquire the appropriate skills, qualifications, and/or experience required for the Learning Support Assistant role.
·        Demonstrate expertise and skills in understanding the needs of all pupils and know how to contribute effectively to the adaptation and delivery of support to meet individual needs. 
·        Demonstrate a level of subject and curriculum knowledge relevant to their role and apply this effectively in supporting teachers and pupils.
·        Understand their roles and responsibilities within the classroom and whole school context recognising that these may extend beyond a direct support role.

Teaching and learning
– An important role of a Learning Support Assistant is to support the teacher in ensuring the best possible outcomes for all pupils. The standards in this theme recognise that Learning Support Assistants work under the supervision of a teacher in accordance with arrangements made by the Inclusion Leader.
Prior teaching experience is an advantage 
English Language should be IELTS 6.5 or above (or equivalent)

Learning Support Assistants are expected to:
     ·        Demonstrate an informed and efficient approach to teaching and learning by adopting relevant strategies to support the work of the teacher and increase achievement of all pupils including Students of Determination. 
·        Promote, support and facilitate inclusion by encouraging participation of all pupils in learning and extracurricular activities.
·        Use effective behaviour management strategies consistently in line with the school’s policy and procedures. 
·        Contribute to effective assessment and planning by supporting the monitoring, recording and reporting of pupil performance and progress as appropriate to the level of the role.
·        Communicate effectively and sensitively with pupils to adapt to their needs and support their learning. 
·        Maintain a stimulating and safe learning environment by organising and managing physical teaching space and resources. 

Working with others
 – Learning Support Assistants work with other professionals, parents, and outside agencies as well as with pupils themselves. Although other themes require Learning Support Assistants to work collaboratively with others, these qualities and skills are considered so important and distinctive to the role as to merit their own theme.
 References from previous employers will be required 

Learning Support Assistants are expected to:
·        Recognise and respect the role and contribution of other professionals and parents by liaising effectively and working in partnership with them.
·        With the class teacher, keep other professionals accurately informed of performance and progress or concerns they may have about the pupils they work with.
·        Understand their responsibility to share knowledge to inform planning and decision making.
·        Understand their role in order to be able to work collaboratively with classroom teachers and other colleagues, including specialist advisory teachers.
·        Communicate their knowledge and understanding of pupils to other school staff and education, health and social care professionals, so that informed decision making can take place on intervention and provision.
 This position reports to the Inclusion Leader: Primary or Secondary 

Applicants must currently be residents in the UAE 

Fortes Education is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. Please note that should your application be successful an International Child Protection Certificate (ICPC) and/or Police Checks will be required. 
Appointment Start Date: September 2022