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Contract Manager

Company Name: The Emirates Group
Employment Type:Full Time
Location: Dubai
Experience: 10+ years
Degree: Bachelor
Nationality: Any
No. Of Vacancies:1
Job Description:
Job Purpose
To review, manage, evaluate and monitor all Emirates Group IT agreements and contracts which cover all products/ services procured by Emirates Group IT. This includes contract authoring, review and negotiations, working with indirect channels as well as other IT suppliers, ensuring all operational, commercial, financial and legal requirements are well defined in the interest of the group as whole as well as specific stake holders.

Job Outline:
Manage, analyse and monitor all technology contracts with suppliers where they pertain to supplying products/services to Emirates Group. This includes contract authoring, review and participating in direct negotiations along with procurement, Group legal and other departments as required. Draft and negotiate contract amendments which accurately reflect required modifications to existing contracts.
Act as a single point of contact for issue of contracts, contract template, work orders and their amendments for specific services and projects. Advise the senior management stakeholders to formulate the most appropriate recourse in case of disputes/claims and identify all related implications working closely with legal department.
Ensure that contracts are compliant with both legal and insurance requirements and the credit exposure of the Group is minimised by ensuring adequate guarantees are in place. Include Group Finance, Group Legal and Group Insurance where appropriate.
Identify and ensure that all international/local tax laws and currency regulations, that may be applicable as a result of the contracted service being provided to international entities, are complied with. Ensure that such contracts attract the least tax liability. Ensure that any liabilities and commitments in contracts are highlighted to stakeholders and other delivery function managers prior to contract signature.
Define and manage the process for creating and updating standard contract templates. Carry out periodic reviews of contract templates along with Procurement and Group Legal to ensure that the templates are up to date and that any lessons learnt from previous engagements are incorporated. In coordination with Internal Audit (IA), Procurement and Logistics (P&L), Finance, Service owners and Legal ensure that defined contract compliance processes are available and complied with across the various departments.
Ensure that a database of contracts is defined and established for all IT related services and products. Maintain and update this database in coordination with Group Procurement and provide adequate information to senior management team when needed.
Ensure that contract renewals are carried out in a timely manner and contract expiry dates brought to the notice of the stakeholders in a timely manner. Also ensure that renewal terms are adhered to if agreed initially, or negotiated within agreed financial, commercial and legal parameters.
Prepare monthly reports to highlight trends and recommend corrective action where anomalies/issues exist.
Manage (analyse, review and negotiate) all other miscellaneous contracts pertaining to Emirates group technology business.
Provide advice on interpretation of contracts and terms as may be required from time to time including but not limited to contract disputes, data security and data privacy related issues. Provide sound and well-reasoned commercial and contract guidance to various stakeholders. Identify and mitigate contract issues and risks, as well as assess the impact of alternative courses of action.

Qualifications & Experience
Information Technology. Other : 10+ Years
MUST have contract management experience with technology.
Relevant experience in handling contracts (draft, review, negotiate and manage) in the Information technology industry.

Degree or Honours (12+3 or equivalent)

Knowledge / Skills:
10+ years of experience in commercial and contract negotiations role, ideally with financial management ability within the IT department of a large organization or for an independent IT solutions supplier.
Knowledge of IT products and processes, an understanding of IT organization structures and their interrelationships in delivering service to customers.
Awareness of prevalent IT product and service methodologies and their basis/financial implications.
Ability to systematically analyse complex problems, draw relevant conclusions and implement appropriate solutions.
Strong verbal and written skills, and ability to convey complex information in a way that others can readily follow.
Good negotiating and persuasive skills, both in one-on-one and group situations. Ability to apply creative thinking to solve problems.
Knowledge of the aviation industry is an added benefit.
Knowledge of standard IT contracts from a customer and supplier perspective is preferable.